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"Crisp Point Crash" - Whitefish Point, MI | by Sarah Goodwin


From the Photographer: “The Crisp Point Lighthouse near Whitefish Point and perfectly situated along the shores of prestigious shores of Lake Superior, is truly a magical place and an ultra adventure. Most notably, the uber rugged, off-road ultra northern wilderness 20-mile (hour-long each way) path that leads to the very exquisite Crisp Point Lighthouse. This ultra-rugged trip can be a bit rough (4x 4 highly recommended) and your vehicle will likely need a good bath afterward...but always SO worth the trip! It’s a positively gorgeous landmark on the gorgeously rock-lined shores of Lake Superior...one of my very favorites! This moody Fall sunset was the icing on the cake. And side note: one might be wondering if I got wet taking this shot. Well... I ended up dumping about 3 inches of water out of my extra tall Muck boots!! But was that worth it too? Absolutely!” -SG

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Passion for the water runs deep within our hearts. Our lakes, rivers and streams are backbone of our economies and a focal point of our culture. Those who live in the Great Lakes region understand our unique way of life and the adventurous spirit that is engrained among those in our communities.

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