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Meet the Michigan-blooded Badasses of Winter

Posted by Jeffrey Cremonte on
Meet the Michigan-blooded Badasses of Winter

By: Jeff Cremonte | Michigan Overboard

Let's be honest; winter in the Mitten State can be a time of inconvenience and discomfort. Snow that seemly never stops, bone-chilling wind and limited daylight are just part of daily life during these months. Its a grind that those from most other states will just never fully understand.

But here in Michigan, instead of locking ourselves indoors and hiding from the cold, we embrace the conditions. Whether it be for work, play or both, we get out there and confront the cold, wind and ice head-on. 
A few questionably-sane Michigan adventurers take it to the next level by going into full badass-mode to laugh in the face of some of the country's most intense conditions.

Are you ready to meet the 4 Michigan Overboard Badasses who feared none this winter?
Here we go!

Badass #4
Phil, The Blue Ice Daredevil 

michigan overboard, mackinac, blue ice, badass, michigan, motocross

After his recent antics along the Straights of Mackinac, Phil Smage is now a bona fide Overboard Badass. What started as a tourist stop to check out some blue ice chunks, quickly turned in to a thrill-seeking performance on the ice! Luckily, photographer Gunnar Lundteigen was able to catch some of his best moments on camera.

 blue ice, michigan, ice bike riding, motocross, michigan overboard, overboard, badass

Why he did it? 

Phil: "I actually came to Michigan to pick up a new baby goat. We took the goat out on the ice because we had heard it was cool to check out. After watching the goat climb all over everything, I got the idea to put studs on my trails motorcycle and see what kind of ice slabs I could climb over on my bike. It was so fun and challenging, that I came back everyday I was there! I brought everything I had; motorcycle, snowboard and snowskate. It's the most unique place I've ever ridden."


Badass #3
Chris, The Grand Traverse Ice Diver

michigan, michigan overboard, ice diver, diving, lake michigan, badass, cold water

Chris Roxburgh is a Traverse City local who just could NOT hold off his overboard urges until summer. This Overboard Badass gave hypothermia the proverbial middle finger and pushed his body to its very limit. Some might call him crazy; we just call him a badass Michigan man with a love for the water!

michigan, michigan overboard, ice diver, diving, lake michigan, badass, cold water, under water

Why he did it? 

Chris: "I love to experience new places; from ice diving, to desert hiking. Life is short so don't pass up the things you have always wanted to do"


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Badass #2
Colten, The Naked Climber

As if climbing massive sheets of ice above a jagged coastline wasn't intense enough, this Overboard Badass took all this clothes off to do it. Colten Moore grew up down-state, but fell in love with the Upper Peninsula after attending school at Northern Michigan University. When he's not doing dangerous activities naked, you can find this badass doing dangerous activities fully clothed. He works as a guide for the Michigan Ice Fest during the winter months!

Why he did it? 

Colten: "This climb was to honor my 25th birthday. I've always thought the idea of a naked ice climb was a hilarious contrast, and my birthday happened to be a sunny day hardly above freezing so it just seemed to make sense. The climb was a bit 'breezy' to say the least, but incredibly fun!"


Badass #1
Daniel, The Yooper Surfer 

Daniel Schetter might be the ultimate Michigan Overboard badass. He hails from the great north; Marquette, to be exact. You might recognize him from appearances in multiple media outlets this past winter, thanks to photographer Devon Hains who captured him shredding some chilly Lake Superior waves. His epic ice-beard has got him looking like the love child between Sasquatch and the Abominable Snowman!

He. Is. Legendary.  

 yooper surfer, daniel schetter, great lakes surfing, michigan overboard, michigan badass

Why he did it? 

Daniel: "Some people say its too cold to surf... I say its how Yooper'ceive it"


Whether you think these guys are certifiably insane, or just Michigan-blooded badasses, I think it's fair to say they lived it up this winter!

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[ About the Author ]

Jeff is the owner and co-founder of Michigan Overboard. He is a GVSU graduate and a current Physical Therapy student at Duke University with a passion for the outdoors, creative expression and everything Michigan. Stay up to date with him on Instagram, @crem5

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