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Wait, there's a town called WHAT?! Michigan places with the most outrageous names

Posted by Jeffrey Cremonte on
Wait, there's a town called WHAT?! Michigan places with the most outrageous names

By: Jeff Cremonte | Michigan Overboard

Michigan is a state absolutely loaded with natural beauty, friendly people and exciting places to visit. 

Well, Michigan is also absolutely loaded with communities, villages and towns that possess some rather... unique names, if you will.

Let's take virtual road trip through Michigan's most outrageously named towns! 

Buckle up, folks.

NOTICE: This is purely satire, not to be taken seriously. All these locations are wonderful Michigan communities that many call home!

Dick, MI

Dick isn't a big place, but you know what they say: size doesn't always matter! Dick, MI is a small community in Chippewa County, about an hour north of the Mackinac Bridge. So round up your friends, and head to the Upper Peninsula in search of Dick!

Gay, MI

Gay, MI is a little town all the way up in the UP’s Keweenaw Peninsula. Looking to eat a few inches of a Gay-style hot dog? If so, visit the town’s iconic Gay Bar for some of the best eats in town. Not interested in the Gay food? Well then check out the town’s annual 4th of July Gay Parade. Experimenting with Gay is the only way to figure out if it’s the right place for you, so be sure to swing by next time you’re in the Keweenaw!

gay bar, gay michigan, funny names, michigan
photo via The Gay Bar, www.thegaybar.com

Chums Corner, MI

Chum: (noun). Chopped fish, fish fluids, guts, and other material thrown overboard as angling bait

Chum: (noun). A close friend

Let's hope they mean the latter. 

Flushing, MI

This town is more than just a common bathroom verb in the present-tense. It's a quaint village in suburban Flint that was actually named after the founder's home village in the state of New York. Sorry toilet lovers!

Christmas, MI

It’s not the North Pole, but the holiday shops, roadside Santa and Yuletide vibes of this small UP town will put you in the Christmas spirit any time of the year! Plus, it’s just a short drive from Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, so nature lovers are welcome too! WARNING: Do not go around sitting on the laps of heavy-set bearded men. That would most likely not end well.


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Colon, MI

If a place named 'Colon' doesn’t put a good image in your head, I don’t know what will! Can you imagine the difficultly this village’s founders faced when deciding on a name? Shoot, with names like ‘Intestines’, and ‘Rectum’ out there as options, I bet settling on 'Colon' was a really tough choice! Do yourself a favor and come examine Michigan’s Colon by visiting this cute little town wedged between two lakes. 

Climax, MI

No, this isn’t the punchline of a dirty joke; this is a village of about 800 people located just 30 minutes north of our friends in Colon, MI. Climax is a toe-curling place that never leaves their visitors unsatisfied!   

climax michigan,
photo via Jayme Kohler 

Sac Bay, MI

Michigan has a Colon, a Dick, so it might as well have a Sac too. On the eastern shore of Big Bay de Noc on the southern coast of the UP, you can find Sac Bay, MI. This coastal community has lots of charm, so you'd be totally *nuts* not to go visit!

Hell, MI

The founders of this small Southeast Michigan town must have had a bone to pick with the Big Man upstairs because they literally created Hell on Earth. Believe it or not, this evil sounding place is actually rather heavenly; the surrounding area is full of fourishing woodlands and multiple lakes. 

Oh, and you better stop saying “…when Hell freezes over!” Well… 

hell michigan, hell freezes over, michigan overboard

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[ About the Author ]

Jeff is the owner and co-founder of Michigan Overboard. He is a GVSU graduate and a current Physical Therapy student at Duke University with a passion for the outdoors, creative expression and everything Michigan. Stay up to date with him on Instagram, @crem5

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